Tribal regulations and ordinances are critical first step, yet even with our tribal clients that have some type of
regulations in  place there are too many gaps and unidentified aspects not properly defined.

Even if your tribe is not ready to engage in either hemp or medical cannabis there still needs to be strong and
robust regulations in place.

We have seen violations in tribal law occurring such as non-natives either illegally taking or planting hemp on
tribal land that does not permit them to do either. Regulations are many layered and can be written and amended
as federal laws change so we can adapt our own laws accordingly.

For example, a tribe with naturalized hemp can create a permitting process for tribal members to legally harvest
and utilize it for heating pellets, building or animal bedding materials free to be used by harvesting it themselves
via a permit, but processes must be in place.

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Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska Naturalized Hemp Photo Credit Wanbli Williams