The Inter-Tribal Hemp Association was created in 2016 by Native Workplace as an organization for our federally
recognized tribal clients with naturalized feral hemp growing on their lands and others that may be planning to
engage in hemp cultivation in the future. There is no fee to join. Federally recognized tribes and Native owned
businesses may become

This tribally driven association is a unification effort that has been written into all of our tribal feasibility reports
since 2016 and is designed to provide tribes a platform in the following areas:

To engage in collaborative projects, share information and resources
To harvest, utilize or market tribal hemp raw materials and seed
To protect tribal hemp as a natural resource through tribal law and regulations
To protect tribal intellectual property by scientifically geno-typing and branding tribal naturalized hemp
To support due diligence on companies and consultants offering projects to tribes
To provide education to tribal members about industrial and medicinal hemp
To enter the USDA Bio Preferred Federal contracting program products made from naturalized tribal hemp

This organization is under development via our tribal clients and will be officially tribally operated as more
progress is made in federal laws and tribal interest. The hemp industry has been convincing tribes that naturalized
hemp has no value because they are attempting to sell tribes their own seeds and cultivation consulting services,
therefore this effort will properly educate and unify tribes about this valuable natural resource and create a market
for tribal naturalized hemp.

ITHA is to assist tribes with legitimate business development, and is forming committees where each tribe is
represented by a member of their choice. Native owned businesses will be allowed membership but must be
vetted through the membership due diligence committee.

Native Workplace founded ITHA and had secured the trademark of the Inter-Tribal Hemp Association name,
however NWP will be turning over all aspects of ownership to the organization as it was designed to be operated
by federally recognized tribes.

Collaborative efforts with tribal organizations such as the
California Native American Cannabis Association              
are a goal and ITHA will be working to encourage more tribes to the join the 20 tribes already in their organization.

"The California Native American Cannabis Association is composed of federally recognized Tribal
Governments dedicated to protecting the sovereign right of Tribes to provide regulated, legal cannabis
products to their communities, and engage in the economic development of legal, safe, and high-quality
cannabis products for California consumers."

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